Recent survey showing importance factors of various web site functions. Not a one-shoe fits all result, but important factors to consider while designing a successful web site …  “Contact Us Info”  and “About Us” are rated most  important factors…
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TAP to visit on-line History Video TAP to visit YouTube Volusia History Channel SBT has designed and developed many small business websites since 2001 and looks forward to working with new clients needing a fresh approach to on line coverage and a web site that fits newly emerging technologies. 01 Do You Wanna Dance 02 Hushabye 03 Come Softly to Me 04 Rebel Rouser 05 Tiger 06 Charlie Brown 07 At the Hop 08 Earth Angel 09 Party Doll 10 The Green Door 11 Forty Miles of Bad Road 12 Long Tall Sally 13 Lucille 14 Reveille Rock 15 Stagger Lee 16 Love Potion No. 9 17 Smoke Gets in Your Eyes 18 Endless Sleep 19 Rock & Roll Is Here to Stay 20 Yakety Yak TAP to visit on-line Jutebox Songs… Graphics Design Graphics design is one of the key elements of effective web site design. Our graphics design team has accepted many different graphics requirements at a cost effective pricing and our results are certainly present in our client websites… Flip-E-Book Design Flip-E-Books have become a favorite method of visual communications to virtual audiences… Much like the early Sears Catalogs, on line catalogs and presentations are great asset when presenting marketing and detailed product information. Yes, we provide many different forms of Flip-E-books for our client web sites and Zoom meetings…  Virtual Communications TAP to visit  Wizard Services Publications Script writing evolves from a combination of knowing basic marketing concepts and applying good writing skills to maximize web site usability. Our company is highly skilled at presenting web site content motivating the consumer to take action as intended… Through our 2 decades of writing and publishing several  local Volusia County history books and developing many websites, we have been called upon to produce many flim clips supporting these activities… We offer these services supporting your website requirements as needed to enhance your web readability and customer impact…    Audio-Video Content Social Networking A social networking service or SNS is an online platform which people use to build social networks or social relationships with other people who share similar personal or career content, interests, activities, backgrounds or real-life connections.  Social networking services vary in format and the number of features. We listen to client needs and discuss intent and suitability as requested… TAP  to visit on-line Flip-E-Book  Sample
Through the years we have been very successful using PayPal payment services with many of our client websites… Our sister company “Halifax Country Publishers” also uses PayPal for book sales and one of our early clients has used PayPal extensively in their website to manage over 250 items. Their machinery related items are sold around the world including Europe and China…
Software Business Tools LLC Released April 20, 2022